Low Temperature Tempering Chambers

Climatec have developed a ruggedized test chamber specially designed to carry out low temperature tempering of large metallic loads up to 600kg. The temperature in the chamber is then lowered to -60°C to enable the material to be phase changed prior to the next stage of manufacturing.

A powerful 'cascade' twin compressor refrigeration system rapidly lowers the load temperature eanabling a fast throughput in the production process.

A drier feeds very dry air into the working space to prevent 'wetting out' during temperature changes.

Climatec cascade refrigeration system

Twin compressor refrigeration system

Nanodac Controller / Recorder.

Allows the set-up of set-point profiles and programmable event outputs.

Climatec digital control panel

View data as bar graphs, trend, numeric values and scroll between configured views using its push-button controls. Nanodac allows for storage, retrieval and download of programme files.

Climatec low temperature tempering chamber

Chamber designed for low temperature tempering of materials for diesel injectors.

Climatec video

The chamber is fitted with a vertical pneumatically driven door. This enables the front of the chamber to be fully opened to aid loading with mechanical loaders.

The door is also fitted with a safety 'touch strip' which prevents any trapping of limbs by returning the door to a safe position.

Climatec inside low temperature tempering chamber

Interior of chamber showing frosted loading rollers.

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