Vibration Interface Chambers

Climatec can now offer a choice of solutions to enable different vibration testing.

  • Vibration/Temperature Testing
  • Vibration/Temperature/Humidity Testing

Our Vibration Interface Chambers can be configured in such a way as to allow for 3 axis vibration testing.
The chamber plant unit can be located externally to reduce noise within the test lab.

Climatec Vibration Interface Chamber
Climatec Vibration Interface Chamber
Climatec Vibration Interface Chamber

Conditioned Air Rig (CAR)

These units provide a supply of temperature or temperature and humidity conditioned air to the test chamber. This is provided via insulated supply and return hoses.

Moveable Vibration Interface Chambers

Features a standard chamber that has been modified to allow the shaker system to fit underneath the working space. Fitted with heavy duty castors which can be locked-out when in position over the shaker.

The chambers are supplied with a floor designed to interface with the head of the shaker system. Alternatively a removable floor can be fitted so that an additional solid floor can be added to enable the shaker system to be used separately therefore increasing the flexibility of your test lab.

Climatec Portable Vibration Interface Chamber
Climatec Purpose Built Test Enclosure

Purpose Built Test Enclosures

Climatec can supply suitably designed insulated enclosures to interface with the shaker system or the CAR can be used with temporary enclosures for one-off in-situ tests.

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